Do you like Dominican rhythms?

The contagious and danceable music of the Caribbean is one of its distinctive symbols.
Discover the absorbing bachata and the joyful merengue by visiting the Dominican Republic!

Merengue and bachata are the most famous musical genres in the Dominican Republic. They derive from the fusion of the three main branches that constitute the Dominican culture: the European, African and Creole influences.
The dances that accompany these music are danced in couple. The dancers embrace each others or, in any way, dance very close, sensually moving their hips.

The typical merengue (or perico ripiao) is a danceable musical genre originated in the Dominican Republic at the end of the 19th century. It is very popular in the Latin American continent, where it is considered one of the most important dance genres. The three typical merengue instruments are accordion (European influence), güira (Taino-aboriginal influence) and tambora (African influence). In particular, the tambora, a double-headed drum, plays an important role in the rhythm of the merengue. It is played on its side with both hands, one with a stick and the other not.
In 2016, Unesco declared the Dominican merengue as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Bachata, a hybrid between bolero and other genres, is also very popular. Known as "amargue music", it often has melancholic lyrics and speaks of heartbreaks. Bachata emerged in the slums of Santo Domingo and was attributed to the poor class of the population, since it was considered as a vulgar music. The massive interest in the rhythm began in the eighties and today it is famous throughout the world.

Another musical genre that is very popular nowadays in the Dominican Republic is dembow, which comes out of Puerto Rican reggaeton and Jamaican rhythms, with rap and hip hop influences. The rhythm and melodies tend to be simple and repetitive. The perreo is the dance that accompanies the dembow and emerged properly in the Dominican Republic. In most cases, it is danced in pairs and is characterized by sensual and spicy movements.

Nothing better than enjoying these types of music with the Dominicans themselves!
Whether you dare to dance or just listen to the music, Las Terrenas is the perfect place to live your passion for Caribbean music, thanks to the great variety of night entertainment that the town offers. From the most touristic places, where professional entertainers will make you dance all night long, to the most authentic and tipical places in the heart of the town, where the urban genres predominate with their captivating rhythms: enjoy the crazy night of Las Terrenas and fall in love with its rhythms!

Most famous places to dance:

  • La Bodega (600 meters from Las Palmas Residence). The favorite place by the tourist dancers, pro or not. It has a good entertainment team that gets the audience dancing. Best day: Monday.
  • The Mosquito Art Bar (5 minutes by moto concho from Las Palmas Residence). Disco bar with beautiful decoration in Pueblo de los Pescadores, the favorite of the young crowd. International music but also Dominican. Best day: Friday.
  • The most authentic ones - and our favorites (10 minute motorcycle ride from Las Palmas Residence): The Almond Carwash. At the end of the town of Las Terrenas, this typical Dominican local will make you enjoy the rhythms of bachata, merengue, a little bit of salsa, a lot of dembow and reggaeton. For those who want to spend a night out as a true Dominican, this is the best place for sure. The Tropical Patio of Juampi. Also very authentic, it has the typical style of Dominican carwash. Open, with thatched roof and pool tables. Best day: Thursday.
  • Replay Glam Club. Babylon Disco. Gaia. Nightclubs located in the Pueblo del los Pescadores (1 km from Las Palmas Residence). Latin and international music.